It is well documented that poverty decreases a child’s opportunity for success in school, regardless of the grade level. We at Abraham’s Tent are working to change this, one student at a time.

Abraham’s Tent, Inc. launched its Educational Enrichment program in March of 2014, which will level the playing field for many students who would not have the opportunity of being admitted to a reputable school of higher education, be it high school or university. This program is geared towards middle and high school students who need extra tutoring but cannot afford to pay private tutors. Thanks to a generous grant from the SharmAllison Charitable Fund, the program has been expanded to include over fifty students.

Through our programs, students are able to prepare for:

  • The Common Entrance Exam (Grade 6 Assessment Exam for entering high school)
  • CXC Exam (Caribbean Examination Council Exam for graduating high school)

Older students are able to prepare for greater academic achievement by studying curricula connected to their first semesters at the University of the West Indies. For those students who do not have the opportunity to attend university, this type of enrichment program can help them to become successful at other careers.

FREE classes are taught seven days a week, during after­school and weekend sessions, with an emphasis on mathematics, reading and writing. There is also a free Adult Literacy program offered during the summer months. All courses are being taught by two experienced retired high school educators.