Our Story

The partners of Sokol Packaging Group, Steve Sokol and Yasmin Ibrahim, started their own business 14 years ago. As with most start-ups, the early years were quite challenging.

However, as the business continued to grow and flourish, they asked themselves, "What can we do to give back?"

They came up with the idea of setting up a charitable organization, which would help underprivileged people in different parts of the world. Guyana was chosen as the first location because of the deep roots of Yasmin's family. It was the place in which they felt that they could have the most immediate impact. Therefore, the wheels were set in motion to register the organization in the United States, and in 2008 the IRS approved Abraham's Tent as a 'not-for-profit' organization. Abraham's Tent was then incorporated under the Companies Act of Guyana in 2009.

The name, Abraham's Tent, was chosen for the organization because Steve and Yasmin wanted to honor their fathers. Both of their fathers, named Abraham, have developed a legacy of being very charitable people in their everyday lives. In Biblical tradition as well, Abraham was especially generous, & charitable and welcomed all into his tent which was kept open on all four sides, as depicted in the organization’s logo.